App Templates

App Templates are open-source Rails apps - the perfect starting point for your next project. They come with setup and configuration, authentication, and all the UI components you’ll need to turn your idea into a full-fledged application.

Skip the boilerplate from day one and dive into the exciting stuff that really matters.

Every App Template comes packed with features

Integrated Bootstrap Themes

Beautiful themes coded in Bootstrap, styled with Sass, and integrated into Rails.


A suite of pages you'll need in your application - register, login, profile pages, and more.


Fully functional charts, tables, forms, navbars, and more - designed for easy integration into your app.


With FontAwesome and other icon libraries pre-installed, you'll have thousands of free icons at your disposal.


Create user accounts, log in, and reset your password - ready from day one, powered by Devise.


Gems come pre-installed for testing, development, and production - like RSpec, FactoryBot, Postgres, and JQuery.

Build beautiful products, faster than ever

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