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App Templates

Choose from our library of free, ready-to-deploy App Templates.

App Templates are open-source Rails apps with integrated Bootstrap themes and all the boilerplate and configuration handled for you.

Dive into the stuff that really matters on day one.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks turn your App Template into a powerful application.

They’re reusable components. Each comes with a step-by-step tutorial for adding it to your Rails app in minutes.

Need a chart or table? We’ve got Building Blocks for that.

Want a Rich Text input? There’s one for that too.

Time to deploy your app to the cloud? We’ve got you covered.

This stuff’s all been done before - thousands of times.

So don’t reinvent the wheel - use a Building Block.


We put our money code where our mouths are with MVPs - Minimum Viable Products.

Our MVPs start with an App Template and become fully functional SaaS apps with Building Blocks.

And they’re all open-source with step-by-step tutorials.

Build beautiful products, faster than ever

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